Tutorials on using xAPILMS

Learning about System Roles

The entire system is based on roles. The Demo System has the following roles set. Roles can be named The HR Onboarding Role is the key HR player in inviting new users to the Social Media, Project Management and Learning Management System.   Your organization can choose what elements of the system are available to each role, and each role can be named according to your established company culture. For example, In some organizations experts from the line that work with the school are called FAMs (Functional Area Managers), in some organizations they are called (TAGS) Technical Advisory Group members, etc.  xAPILMS does not re-invent company culture.  It makes the one you have work better.

From the least system capabilities to all capabilities. Some roles duplicate capabilities for system continuity of operations when the person filling a role is out.

Team Member

HR Onboarding


Subject Matter Expert (Usually from a Line Unit)

Functional Area Manager or Technical Advisory Group (FAM/TAG) Assigned to the School

Instructional Designer/Project Manager

Program Manager